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Custom* and fun

It’s so much easier to teach the numbers of children who need to learn when you have great Teaching Platforms.

Kids love them. You can dress them up, place two or more together. You get exactly what

you need.

Center Umbrella Platform

$778 Summer Special

.Capacity: 5+

......LWH: 4'x3'x2.8'

Or any custom size you need


Our Teaching Platforms can also be custom designed for any pool. For outdoor pools ours is the only one which can include an umbrella to protect swimmers from the glaring and damaging sun as they learn to float and swim. Our platforms are fun too! You’re teaching a lifelong skill and supported by a real swim company. Have ideas? Call us today. 800.999.0824

We can also make adjustable

teaching platforms, and make

custom acrylic mirrors so kids can see their strokes looking down, etc. As a technical swim company, we are a great partner in helping you help swimmers start out the right way. Need anything else? Just ask. We can get it or invent it -- it’s who we are and what we do. Thanks to all of you who teach lessons and save lives every day!

or e-mail for pricingmailto:Steve@tropicalpenguin.com?subject=Interest%20in%20Swim%20Platforms

And, yes, we’ll beat anyone’s price.

We make them here in California!

Toll-Free: 800.999.0824


Making Swimming Lessons Fun  800.999.0824

Double Umbrella Platform

$978 Summer Special

.Capacity: 6+

......LWH: 2x(4'x3'x2.8')

Or any custom size you need

The customer wanted a bench at the back of the platform. Good idea!

Backside Rail


Capacity: 4+

.....LWH: 4'x3'x3.4'

or any custom size you want

(Sitting platform extra)

Learning CenterEducation.html

*Custom: The way you want it. Not refundable but lifetime warranty.

“Everything is going great, we had the best learn-to-swim summer that my location has ever seen, thanks in part to your great platforms that allowed us to open our swim classes to group settings, Thank you.”

Jeremey Jordan, YWCA El Paso

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We also sell Funzone Platforms



.Capacity: 4+

......LWH: 4.1'x4.1'x2.8'



Capacity: 4+

LWH: 6.7'x4.1'x8.0'



..Capacity: 2+

.....LWH: 4.1'x4.1'x3.8'



Capacity: 4+

LWH: 6.7'x4.1'x6.7'



Capacity: 4+

LWH: 6.7'x6.7'x8.0'



Capacity: 2+

......LWH: 2.8'x2.8'x3.4'



...Capacity: 2+

......LWH: 2.8'x2.8'x4.1'



Capacity: 4+

.....LWH: 4.1'x2.8'x3.4'



Capacity: 2+

.....LWH: 5.4'x1.5'x1.5'



Capacity: 4+

.....LWH: 4.1'x4.1'x4.1'

We also sell Finis Platforms



3-4 swimmers



5-6 swimmers

    In cooperation with Finis, we bring you the Turnmaster lane divider. Helps you make great use of your pool for lessons and training or lap swimming at the same time. Just clip anywhere along the lane line to segregate a teaching area. Call 800.999.0824

Specially designed platforms for the YWCA -- clear top and enclosed around the sides.

“We love the platform. We needed double back to back with an umbrella for our outdoor pool and you delivered! The kids and parents and my supervisor love your platforms”

Cynthia Montero, Aquatic Director. City of Perris, CA


Adjustable heights, umbrellas for outdoor teaching, custom sizes and shapes and materials all mean you get the functions you pay for.