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Great video view of stroke, starts, turns, finishes

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   It’s a simple idea. And reasonable. Perfect partner to the EyeSwim. It shoots straight up or up at an angle from the bottom to see the pitch or your hands and feet, your rhythm, your turns and finish and breakout and one complete stroke cycle.  See if this makes sense to you:

    On the days you’d like to improve your swimming, you should SEE what you are doing. In HD, so you can see every bubble. With or in the absence of a coach. Set up and take down in less than 30 seconds. You agree?

You’ll reach your goals with EyeSwim™.

Here’s how EyeSwim works (in ten seconds):

1. Open your swim bag.

2. You place your waterproof Camera in your EyeSwim slot (EyeSwim is fully adjustable for any pool and any place in any pool).

  1. 1.3.You slide it under water and aim the camera at you, click record and swim.

  2. 2.4.You hit stop and play

  3. 3.5.Repeat at least once every time you swim.

  4. 4.6.Smile (:

  5. 5.

  6. 6.When you get home you can see yourself in full 1080 HD on the biggest screen you have.

You can even instantly put it on Youtube and e-mail our expert coaches and biomechanists to help you with ideas or drills for positive change. If you have a coach, you can fully interact with him or her during or after practice. We even include 300 video stroke drills in your EyeSwim Package, Free!

Use any waterproof camera. You can purchase the Kodak from us for just $149. Maybe you already have a waterproof camera. We can adapt to most any camera you want to use. Call us or order online right away. The sooner and more often you see how you are swimming, the more you will enjoy improving.  

Whether it’s your first day in a pool or your warm-up at the Olympic Games, you need EyeSwim personal video. And you can get it right now. Just click the order button and your swimming life will change instantly. Lifetime guarantee.

1080p HD Video

Get the same bottoms up shots you see in the Olympics. HD is simply amazing. You can use any waterproof camera from the $79 Kodak to the $350 Go Pro. Call us for suggestions.

The cool thing is you can see between the bubbles and it fits in your coach bag so you can take it on the plane, to meets, store it easily, etc. And the battery lasts and the storage is on digital cards that can be viewed on big screens, e-mailed, shared by phone and pad, etc.

The Bottoms Up can be angled directly under or back about a third of the pool to see hand pitch, rotation, timing, head position, alignment. breakouts, starts, tuns, etc.

Light and fits in your Swim Bag, yet heavy enough to hold your camera steady on the pool bottom. New little switch and ball construction secures just the angle you want.

About two pounds total with the camera and battery and Memory card, the EyeCoach can video up to seven hours; four hours in full 1080p HD. You can plug into your computer (or go wireless) and e-mail clips to your athletes in seconds. With the EyeSwim they can do the same with you. Simply an amazing technical and motivating tool.

Works with all waterproof cameras including Kodak’s Playsport, and cameras from Sony, Olympus, Canon, Go Pro, Panasonic, etc.

    • Bottoms Up Video Folds to 6 inches in your swim bag, about the length of your goggles.

  1. HD 4K (Go Pro) or 1080P (on waterproof cameras from your local Best Buy, Sam’s, etc. for as low as $120 or so)

• Even Zoom!

• Place anywhere. Under for the finish, On the side above water, in the center of the lane underwater, under the left lane line all practice long. Even use two cameras: one on top and one under both filming at the same time! use any waterproof camera from the Kodak Playsport to Go Pro or any number of other waterproof cameras, Film in 4K or 1080 HD or 720 at 60 frames per second for up to 8 hours! More, if you replace the card or get a spare battery.

    • Free and inexpensive aps from the App Store include instant upload to YouTube on screen editing or transfer to any editing program on your Mac or PC, phone, pod, or Pad. Or use your card or HDMI Cable for direct connection or wifi to TV’s through Apple TV etc.  The onboard screen can even be adjusted to be seen in full sun or at night.


    It’s the best in your training. Bottoms UP comes with a Lifetime guarantee.

    And yes, the videos above were taken with the EyeSwim and the least expensive waterproof camera we could fine because we envision an EyeSwim, EyeCart, EyeCoach or Bottoms Up in every lane in every training pool. 

Who needs the EyeSwim family? Anyone who has a pool and wants to video themselves, their children, give a great gift to a triathlete or a coach. Every competitive swimmer at  any level. Waterpolo players too. If you love swimming you’ll love the EyeSwim.