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We not only use the products in our coaching and swim camps, we sell them at lower prices than anyone. We don’t advertise their prices on everything so call us!


Build specific power

Feel the hips

Feel for proper rotation.

Arm paddles

Bolster paddles go up the arm. Helps build the feel for using the whole arm in propulsion.


Lock the feet or knees to increase resistance


Post practices, inspiration, stroke drills, etc. in waterproof zip pouches. Write on the board with special waterproof pens, etc.

Polo Balls

Great balls! Great price. Want a team price? Call. Also checkout our practice boards -- they don’t rust or rot and are easy to move around.

Ankle Bands

Resistance in a very specific way.

Polo Caps

Great caps; great team price. Call

Freestyle Paddles

It has a surf scag on the bottom to help you form the best stroke.


Great for open water swimming

Finger paddles

Learn for scull without overloading your shoulders.

Waist Band

Great specific resistance and assistance training. Easy slide to work both on your back and front.

Build strength

and endurance. Pocket fill and make your stronger. You feel like a rocket in the water when you take it off!

Land bands

Dozens of exercises for front and back of shoulders, triceps, bicepts, wirists, etc.

Constantly Improving

Built to keep the elbow up. One of our most popular products.

Shooter Monofin

Built to train fast swimmers. Are you a fast swimmer? You will be with this.

Snorkels and acc.

The first. The inventors. The best.  Teach and train proper body position stroke, kick and drills. Now available with a mirror.



Racing Monofin

Fins for all four strokes

Flutter, dolphin, whip kick all with just enough extra resistance and thrust.


Swim like the dolphins


Comfortable and powerful

Simple team fins

They just work

Smart Watch

Counts strokes calculates distance per stroke, let’s you know what so you’ll know how to improve.

Feel the rotation

Tec-toc pops when you rotate enough. You feel the hips into the right position to reduce drag and increase core power.

Listen to your heart

132, 143, 190... A voice speaks into your ear as you swim precisely training while getting feedback from your heart.


Easy, simple. Reliable way to build leg power

TurnMaster Pro

Solid as a rock, easy to install and remove. Turn one lane into two. Great for lessons, short course training in one lane of long course pool, etc.

Rangs Pull Buoys

Smarter Pull Buoys for legs and arms.

Circuit Trainer

Do your own land or water circuit by setting time on BEEP! Time between BEEP! each station. Great at home and great for the coach.

Alignment Board

One hand over the other. Good idea. Can be used one hand forward one back, etc.


Improve stroke in the water


Watches, stereo, pulse,

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Circuit SpecialsCircuit.htmlCircuit.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0


We invented them and we love them. Allow great turns


Nice design


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Built for fins. Stop getting chaffed.

Great Fins

Fast and furious but still provide enough resistance to build strength on both sides of the kick.


You do what you practice. You race the way you train. So kicking in a streamlined position helps reinforce great turns and streamlined strokes.

Great Paddles

Help you surf your way to a better freestyle stroke.


Protect your feet from fin blisters

More zoomers

Fast and strong;just as you want to be!

Team Ankle Stretcher

Put four swimmers on at a time to stretch the most important part of their swimming -- flexible ankles. Call for pricing


Good price; good function from a technical swim company that knows how to use one.

Tempo trainer 2

Train to the tempo. Now you can replace your batteries for longer use.

Music to your bones

Your ears are free to hear as this bone conduction technology give syou great sound!

Waterproof clock


Swim Platforms

Excellent and well engineered in Australia, these platforms have wheels and are first rate.

Aluminum Mirrors

Strong and flexible for use in and out of the water.

Constantly Improving

We are constantly building new tools to improve the atmosphere and effectiveness of training. Call or e-mail any time to discuss your goals and vision.