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    Why are Rods and Tubes important?

    Underwater streamlines don’t become a useful weapon on the day of the meet. In order for swimmers to improve, you have to give them a measure of success. First we, and creative coaches like our good friend and author Bob Steele came up with what we branded as the Rods. We made them a half meter in length you your swimmers can measure how far from the wall they are streamlining and kicking each day. Being an active coach, and using the EyeCart to video, I noticed swimmers were looking up out of the streamline -- not what we want. So we added the Tubes so they can see where to break out. Then we realized we could use the Tubes by themselves to replace or augment breath-control drills. This makes swimmers l e n g h t h e n their strokes whereas they used to shorten them when I had them breathe 3-5-7, etc. These two tools build the best underwaters IF you use them daily and help each lane progress each week or so. By the end of the season your swimmers dominate. What other tools can you use? We make FinWings for adjustable progressive loading of your legs. We also make CoreKicks to control your knee bend and force a core driven kick. We make Fankles to measurably (with a protractor) improve your ankle flexibility -- the number one reason people kick fast. See the Kicking part of this website for more tools and instruction.

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Rods and Tubes

Simple inexpensive tools that help you improve your underwaters.  Instant feedback and progressive improvement every week. Breathe at the tubes and streamline to the Rods and Tubes.

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