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Introducing Fin Wings

Turn your fins into a progressive training circuit

Why are Fin Wings™ important?

    Fin Wings turn fins into a progressive veritable “weight room” of specific swimming exercises. Without changing your stroke dynamics, your rhythm, alignment or maybe even your tempo, you get progressive resistance by altering the form drag at your feet. It’s a concept that only a swim coach could imagine. Now every swimmer at any age can progressively improve his power from legs to core to arms. Simply slide your Fin Wing up for greater or down for lesser resistance. Your feet will stay aligned with your hips since Fin Wings rely on form drag instead of weight to provide resistance. When you take them off you feel lighter, more streamlined, more flexible and stronger than before. You can now purchase a modification kit for your fins or buy fins from us with Fin Wings pre-installed. Fin Wings. Get yours today.

Designed by coach Steve Friederang for Tropical Penguin, inc. Patent pending.

Fin Wings™ Training Modalities

    Do a couple “base” kicks. Here’s some ideas:

  1. 1.1 x 25 underwater dolphin for exact time. No fins; streamline position. Maybe perform one 25 your front and one on your back to compare.

  2. 2.Do 3 x 100 flutter or dolphin or back flutter or back dolphin@3 minutes interval and write your average time. No “cheating” arm strokes. Try not to use flip turns since those are variable. You want average honest times with which to compare and celebrate your improvement.

    Now do the same with Fin Wings and write those times down. Once you have equalled or bettered your average without the Fin Wings, increase your resistance on the Fin Wings by sliding your Wings to a higher position.

    Train vertically, front and back, race, do full stroke or kick with a Finis Snorkel or alignment kickboard, etc. A week or so later repeat the test sets you chose with and without the Fin Wings to mark improvement. Log this improvement on a spreadsheet and reward improvement!  We guarantee you will also see improvement in your full race performances as your hips will ride higher and your arms and legs will be stronger, more enduring, and faster than every before.

    E-mail us for a performance spreadsheet template, movies of training, etc.

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Tropical Penguin and Competitive Swimmer copyright 2012


Fin Wings have many useful benefits, including use in physical rehabilitation, aqua aerobics, fitness swimming and competitive training. Choose smaller training fins to provide added resistance without changing the rhythm or cadence. Use longer fins as a training aid for more speed and leverage. Fin Wings enhance the training experience of any fin! Either way the wise coach and swimmer are looking to emulate the proper alignment to enhance the propulsion, flexibility and rhythm of the kick or whole stroke when the fins are removed.  Far more exact, progressive, and cost effective than towing devices, Fin Wings are the best choice for coaches and swimmers, polo players, fitness and triathletes, etc.

Why top coaches, aqua aerobics instructors, and world champion swimmers use Fin Wings:

  1. ■.Increase leg strength - especially the underdeveloped muscles at the hips, abs, ankles, glutes, and the back of the leg.

  2. ■.Develop "muscle memory". Training with fins increases awareness of an erratic or weak kick.

  3. ■.Achieve the elevated race position to improve stroke technique without race effort. On a more basic level, for those who have not experienced the "high in the water" feeling, swimming fast with fins gives them a tangible goal. Adding Fin Wings allows you to progressively get stronger, more powerful while progressive adding endurance to your kick and whole stroke.

  4. ■.Continue training and maintain fitness while recovering from upper body injuries.

  5. ■.Rest arms and shoulders between hard swim sets while maintaining an elevated heart rate with kick sets.

  6. ■.Increase aerobic capacity. The muscles of the legs are the body's largest, and working them hard at an elevated heart increases aerobic capacity.

  7. ■.Using training fins may increase ankle flexibility, providing a more powerful and efficient kick.

  8. ■.Practice wall approach timing at race pace without race effort.

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Your Choice -- Buy our fins or modify your own.

Our Fins come modified with Fin Wings

  1. Order your size and Start using Fin Wings immediately .

Cheaper and easier than Weight towers and racks

Adding resistance to gain power and endurance is nothing new. But FinWings are, because other products change your stroke dynamics and only one swimmer at a time can be belted in. In the race to progressive add resistance while maintaining correct stroke mechanics and body position, Fin Wings Win!


  1. One modality is th have the swimmer race all out in kicking of full stroke without the fins. Then measure the time for the same distance with fins. Then add FinWings at the lowest level and progressively pull the bade up as you reach your goals step by step, week, by week.


  1. Where else for this price can you get specific training that gets you to your goals fast!