Purchase one of our Velocity Towers or a Sprint Rack along with a PowerBox and get $200 off!

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10.5 Yards or a choice of 15 meters of all-out measurable repeatable power development. Guaranteed to never rust or break. ever. Lifetime warranty. Built-in stainless spring retracting safety strap. 5’ tall: easy to roll and store -- fits in a family van!.

The Sprint Rack provides in-water specific exercise in all four strokes, pulls, kicks, drills, under-waters. Once a time is achieved, add resistance -- 2.5 to 140 pounds of water, weights, or both.

Maybe best of all, the Sprint Rack has an optional LED Race Clock that starts and stops with .01 accuracy! Highly motivating -- really fun!

Only 1763. Free shipping if you get 3


Coaches also added:

The PowerBox. Towers are progressive. The PowerBox adds speed assistance in addition to resistance. The combination is awesome and makes for a great training circuit.

For those with limited lane space, you can stack Powerboxes for two or even three in a lane. And you can put two Sprint racks on each side of a lane!

Custom paddles for each stroke -- Sprint Paddles (five sizes), Thornton, breast, back and distance free, and the whole line of Finis paddles for fly.

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