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Competitive Swimmer

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Exergenie Swim Development System just $225. Add a Halo Swim Bench if you want too!

Days until the first event at the US Olympic Trials 2016http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/8325908/London-2012-Olympics-Swimming-schedule.html
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Bent Taper Paddles For championship season and for young sprinters

What else will help me?

    IN the pool, use FinWings, progressive resistance added to your short fins. And to gain power in the hips on both sides of the kick use the KICKER.

For breaststroke, use the Hankle. The Hankle improves both the flexibility and strength of rotational motion for the ankle (when used in a seated position), and the hips (when used while standing.).

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Ankles dorsi flexed and toes engaged too. Full range of motion strengthening.

The Exer-Genie for Competitive Swimmers

Used by NASA and modernized for competitive swimmers the Exer-genie can be used as part of a team circuit or at home to gain a competitive edge. 

Add this Fankle to your dryland circuit for better ankle flexibility and strength compulsory for winning kicks off the walls and in your strokes. Comes with a protractor so you can measure your improvement.

Long history of success with competitive swimmers, triathletes, water polo, masters

Flutter Kick in a plank position with adjustable resistance

Isolate parts of the stroke,such as the high elbow catch (EVF) or exercise at swimming speed with progressive resistance through the whole range of your stroke.

Add a “Halo” Swim Bench

Comes with Halo templates to make sure your elbows stay high, and a metronome so you can gain strength and endurance at progressively better rates and tech support from a real swim coach and biomechanist. For a total of $660 for the Exergenie and the bench, it’s a real bargain!