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Whip Kicker

Add-on strap for RANGS and RANGS KIT, or Stand alone strap for $10.95 precisely limits the width or depth of your whip kick. Infinite adjustment for all sizes of swimmer and widths of kick (unlike one out there that tries to copy us. We’re not only original, we’re the best by far! And ours is Made in the USA.

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“I want a set of Rangs and Whip Kickers for every one of our swimmers at Cal Baptist University. They are brilliant!.”  Rick Rowland, Cal Baptist University head mens and women’s swim coach Summer 2013
Indiana University just ordered a dozen sets.
We’re already back-ordered three weeks after introduction. Call for your team discount today! ($9.95 each for a dozen or more).

Why are Whip Kickers important?

The biggest problem with breaststroke is form drag. Anything we can do to limit that drag will help swimmers swim faster. One way to limit drag and increase the whipping power and improve the pitch angle of the feet and legs is to keep the knees shoulder width apart while the ankles and feet rotate into catch position. Many swimmers have trouble telling where the perfect position for the knees is. Using the KickMinder marine grade adjustable strap with the RANGS allows infinite adjustment so swimmers can feel just where to kick. Effective practice is when the swimmer does what he or she needs to do in races so this simple training tool becomes essential to the success of any breaststroker. It’s a great teaching tool for novice breaststrokers too.

Use the same tool with our reversible breaststroke paddles, our Thornton Paddles, and many of the Finis paddles.

Whip Kickers™ are Patent pending by coach Steve Friederang Tropical Penguin, inc. Designed in 2013


Tropical Penguin and Competitive Swimmer copyright 2012

In this 2014 movie, the swimmer and her college coach had been frustrated in trying to get the knees in her whip kick just the right width. You can see here in an unedited video that she “got” it almost immediately!

Advantages over the copies since our invention?

  1. 1.The ability to infinitely adjust the width of the kick.

  2. 2.The slight bounce at the controlled setting to protect the knees and hips from the solid slam.

  3. 3.Ours in original; designed and MADE in USA by coach and biomechanist Steve Friederang.