Be a Next Generation coach!

  1. See every stroke your swimmers take LIVE using your phone, tablet or TV.

  2. Speak to your swimmers through a hand’s free microphone while giving them accurate feedback of their underwater stroke, turns, starts, drills, or finishes.

  3. More frequent accurate feedback means far far faster improvements and happier swimmers.

  4. Yes you can record or stream, but the main advantage is instant feedback as all land sports coaches use.

This is a revolutionary product for swim coaches.

  1. You can actually see your swimmers as they swim from any underwater perspective you want. You can place up to 16 cameras for front, side, and lane by lane views.

  2. You can correct stroke at any time on any part of any set in real time as they swim. This increases coaching from like 5 minutes per swimmer per practice to as often as you like!

  3. Play music or inspirational audio too!

  4. The average swim coach speaks to each swimmer only at the walls. Live coaching allows you to give unlimited feedback every minute of training time.

  5. You can also use video playback delay to show swimmers what you were talking about during the swim set. This can be automated.

What you get in the box:

  1. A custom Bracket for your pool with an HD Camera and the world’s clearest underwater speaker.

  2. A battery powered above ground amplifier with two Microphone inputs and any input you have for music, etc.

  3. Bluetooth headset to speak hands free anywhere on the deck to any swimmer in the pool.

  4. A Router to allow you to see underwater from anywhere on the deck.

  5. An App so you can see underwater on our phone or pad.

  6. A Battery Pack to keep everyone safe and well coached for hours!

  7. Unlimited support and a two year warranty on electronics - lifetime on everything else

  8. A great rolling cart to keep everything organized and neat.


  1. Additional cameras

  2. Additional headsets

  3. Additional speakers

  4. Swimmunicators for personalized coaching.


Underwater Coach  -- up to 16 cameras all in real time on your phone or pad with real time audio coaching at the same time. Not revolutionary for baseball, soccer, or basketball coaches, but a huge leap forward for swim coaches.

Underwater Coach™

See swimmer’s strokes in real time underwater, where 90% of their strokes occur, on your phone, tablet, or a display. Record any time.

Speak to them any time with this speaker or our Swimmunicators.

Underwater Coach

The Underwater Coach™ is Safe, easy to set-up and battery Powered!


Below is an example of how many motions the swimmer and coach are trying to perfect. Coaching without the Underwater Coach™ gives each swimmer about 5 minutes of the coach’s feedback per day! With the UC you can give feedback all the time! And, since you’ll be seeing the real motions any time you want from your underwater camera, you’ll be giving far better feedback than other coaches! And that, my friend, is a true competitive advantage.