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How the Leaper Works!

Here's why the Leaper works:

If you do a full squat with a bar and weights on your back or even with a machine, the amount of resistance you can use when you bend all the way down is much less than when you are close to fully standing. In fact, your strength varies at every inch of the motion. Even discounting the safety factor of fast powerful jumping motions with weights or other machines, these variables of angles, maturity, and genetics aren't accounted for. Only our "isokinetic" LEAPER adapts specifically to your strength, literally pushing back at the same force you push it with. This provides optimal improvement each time you use it at every part of your range of motion! And you can do it as fast or faster than you will need to leap off the block or explode off of walls or whip kick. Each motion is also reflected in a very motivating digital readout you can see.

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