No More Slipping.

Practice backstroke starts the way you race without putting in the touchpads.


Safe, light, and portable

In and out in a second.

Novice Swimmer gettin’ Better

The BackStart™ is easily Transportable. No More slipping when practicing backstroke starts.

The BackStart™ is being used here in conjunction with our start tube to teach a camp swimmer to elevate his hips. He’s able to grip on the wall and feel when he’s elevated his feet at the end of the start. Not bad for a beginner. He’ll be brilliant in no time!

Don’t you just hate slipping when practicing backstroke starts without a touchpad? Starts with your toes below the surface on a slick tile wall is unnatural . Most swimmers simply don’t practice properly or frequently enough.

That’s why we invented the BackStart™. The Back Start is a lot cheaper and far easier than using touchpads. Slip it in or remove the BackStart in a couple seconds. Easy to store and light to transport too. We’re proud of this solution that will make backstroke starts better for swimmers at all levels, from beginner to Olympian.

The BackStart

Just $129

Call or e-mail for Team Pricing


Making Swimming Faster Fun  800.999.0824

Days until the first event at the US Olympic Trials 2016

The BackStart™ includes brackets for in-wall gutters. Ask for custom brackets for overflow gutters, etc. Order today 800.999.0824


Not just when the Touchpads are in. Best use of $129 or save $100 and buy 6.

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