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Alignment Snorkel

Keep It Simple & Smart

The Alignment Snorkel includes a Mirror and Level:

No purge valve. Thin and easy on turns. Lifetime warranty -- free replacement. Available with our Snorkel Mirror and Level to make sure you keep your head and hips exactly aligned.

Simple and effective way to KNOW you are always aligned.


Ergonomic tube support 


Mouthpiece demountable; easy maintenance


The Alignment snorkel allows you to see forward while looking straight down.

The benefits of this to the swimmer will be:


1.Stable and relaxed body position in the water.


2. Less resistance from the head to the toes.


3. When breathing in races, swimmers know exactly where to return their head


4. See into into and off the walls without breaking alignment. Build great habits!


5. Increases the swimmer's breathing capacity. Add-on extension available soon that allows a lower head position than any snorkel while increasing lung capacity.


  1. 6.Designed for use with conventional swimming goggles.

The Snorkel Mirror:

Maintain Perfect Head Position -- Now you can see in front of you without changing your head position in training, turns, and finishes.

Bend the Snorkel Mirror just right -- It will teach you to hold your head in precise alignment with your hips, making sure that great streamline you have off the wall is maintained on every stroke.  You’ll naturally adjust to see the front wall through the mirror. You’ll develop the habit to train and race easier and faster from the very first day.

Even use your Alignment Snorkel or your add-on mirror with your present snorkel (see the drop down menu if you want to add a mirror to your present snorkel. AND use the Alignment snorkel with our FREE Underwater Pace Clock and your EyeSwim Video Mount so you never get out of alignment until you climb out of the pool :) 

Snorkels are great. But what’s missing? You can’t see the front wall for turns. You can’t see the person in front of you about to kick your fingers. So, what do you need? To add A Tropical Penguin Snorkel Mirror or get the whole Alignment Snorkel. !

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EyeCart. Far more stable and useful than other swim carts. Film along the side, from the front, top down, from the back, at water level and below simultaneously


1080p hands free video for everyone in every lane during practice for $79. How amazing! Light and Folds into your swim bag.

Bottoms Up
Use your waterproof camera to video from the bottom to see your hand pitch, rhythm, turns, starts, etc.
Rolling HD video fits in your coach bag. Great for that side view in practice
and meets. Cool!                       


Cool Coach

The most comprehensive and easy to use software in sports. Plan your video days and sets with Cool Coach. 10 x 50’s on 1:00 video and watch each one with EyeSwim!

Cool Digital Videos

Search, loop, over 3,000 technical videos in all four strokes, druland, flexbility. Perfect for coaches and swimmers.


Waterproof acrylic or aluminum. Custom sizes -- even a whole lane! You want it; we’ll make it for you. Call for pricing

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