CS Swim Pulley™ Systems

Benefits & Advantages

  1. NEW! We now offer a Distance Bridge to control how far you go -- so you can go 3 strokes or 15 meters, etc. You can add digital clocks too!

  2. Quality and Versatility -- Same line and sheaves used on racing sailboats.

  3. Set-up is likity split!. Wheel them anywhere. Buckets clip on larger towers for easy rolling! Buckets are marked for progressive improvement when using water. Optional weights are guaranteed rustproof for life. So are all our pulley systems.

Progressive -- Pull from ten to hundreds of pounds of water or weights. AND NEW! ADD AN ADJUSTABLE PATENTED STOP FOR DIFFERENT DISTANCES! So, race your time or training partners for 15 Meters, above or under water, etc. And you can also add our smart Clock to get accurate speed and endurance.

  1. Specific -- the best in-water exercise for swimming, kicking, pulling, and drills.

Overload -- Swimmers get Fitter, Faster, Stronger and ready to race and win in less time.

Handicapped Racing -- Your fastest swimmer can race your slowest swimmer and both get an ideal workout. You can even fit four to eight people in a lane going from both sides.

All Strokes -- Train all 4 strokes plus underwaters, kicking, and drills for distance, time, or time for distance.

All Kicks -- Examples: Dolphin can be 65% of short course races -- train it progressively to win! Whip kick for time and resistance build’s champions.

Full Pool Length -- Yards, short course meters, and long course meters with CS Swim Pulleys. Even a back yard or diving well version!

Fun! -- Swimmers love the challenge.

Used by most Olympians -- Modern Swimmers know that power is so important. Tower training has been used since the 1970’s!  Now it’s affordable for everyone. And the technology has advanced so they are more scientific and fun!

All ages and abilities -- under coach’s direction -- Start with a gallon and work up as you mature and get faster.

Motivating! -- Lap swimming is useful, but Towers provide a fresh and exciting element to training.

Stroke improvement under stress -- Most good swimmers look great for a lap of stroke work. But put this bucket on them, video, and coaches see and swimmers feel what needs to be improved for that third lap of the 100!

Special: Buy one of our Swim Pulley Systems with a PowerBox and get $200 off!

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Competitive Swimmer

Swim Pulleys

from 1 to 50 meters

Get Stronger, Faster, Build endurance

Now add a Smart Clock™ or Velocity Graph to any of our Swim Pulleys

The Smart Clock starts precisely when the swimmer moves, off the block or off the wall and stops when the variable resistance (.5-140 pounds) reaches your choice of distance it gives you your time to .01 of a second!

The Smart Clock gives you options too.

  1. 1.Time for Sprint

  2. 2.Time for Sprint and endurance (how long you stay at that distance)

  3. 3.Rest Interval

  4. 4.Tabata or FITT for land and water circuits.

But that’s not all. You can now also add our Velocity Meter to graph velocity for every inch you move. This is great feedback with or without video. And it beams out through bluetooth to any device anywhere in the world.

Designed to fit up to 4 in a lane


Sprint Rack: 5’ Single with Clock and Velocity Meter:

Special intro Price: $1763

Single 25 Yards/Meters:

* 1-3 1099 per Swim Pulley System

  1. *4-7 1045 per Swim Pulley System

Dual 25 Yards/Meters

  1. 1-2 2450 Per Dual Swim Pulley System

  2. 3-4 2250 Per Dual Swim Pulley System

Quad 25 Yards/Meters

  1. 1   3800 Per Quad Swim Pulley System

  2. 2+ 3600 Per Quad Swim Pulley System

50 Meters Dual

  1. 3950 Per Dual 50 Meter Swim Pulley System

                                   Power Box

  1. 1-3 999 Per Power Box

  2. (ask for discount when purchase with any Swim Pulley System

  3. 4+  899 Per Power Box

Velocity Meter

with software and bluetooth

  1. 399 Per VM (Take off $200 if added to our Swim Pulley System)

  1. *Why Buy both our Pulleys and Speedboxes?

Swim Pulleys provide progressive resistance with or without the clock and velocity meter; the Power Box provides assisted velocity on the way back. Together they allow you to train more athletes at once, creating an ideal circuit.

  1. *More? We also make Swimlastix™ Rubber tubing of various lengths that is so much much safer!

  2. *Custom Paddles. Fives sizes of FAST Sprint Paddles, two sizes of Thornton Summation paddles, backstroke arm paddles, Finis Paddles, and more!

  3. *DMC and Finis Fins, perfect for the Swim Pulleys. Best deal on the planet if you are our customer.

Retrofit PULLEYS

for Power Towers™

Long Course (50 meter) Conversion $1225

Short Course $789

We make the marine grade pulleys with lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty.