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Cool Swim Meet.

Make practice fun!

If the meet scores percentage of best time as well as place and if the meet is designed to be really close (designed in seconds by the software!) then EVERY SWIMMER AND EVERY SWIM COUNTS! It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it works.  They will beg you to work this hard.

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Make practice fun!


Build a swim meet with the two or more teams as closely matched mathematically as possible in seconds!

Have the meet score itself two ways:

The traditional way by placement. You set the score and the meet scores as you add the times.

By time improvement. The program assigns points for how close a swimmer is to his or her best time. It gives the swimmer a personal running score for improvement as well as the team. You get to set those too. We suggest giving points even when it’s not a best time for tired swims, but more points the faster the swimmer goes relative to his or her former best.

The total meet is scored for placement for time improvement and for the total of the two.

Is this COOL or what? It’s so fast you can run a swim meet right in the middle of practice!

It divides your team into two or more teams and then lets them have at it in a closer meet than we humans have the time to put together. Oh, and of course you can run dual meets this way too. Pretty darn fun if you ask me, and people often do.

At every point in the meet the predicted outcome of the meet if nothing changes from that point on is shown, keeping the meet exciting and every race important.

Finally someone is totally committed to making swimming faster fun!


Well it will be sold as a stand-alone add-on for Microsoft Excel for $49. Or you can get it FREE as part of Cool Coach 3.0. If you have a previous version of Cool Coach you still get it free if you upgrade to 3.0 for $49.95. If you don’t have Cool Coach, the full version including everything here and all the other functions is $329. Check Cool Coach out HERE.

Other new functions for Cool Coach 3.0 include

COOL DIGITAL RELAYS – Instantly figures out your best possible relay lineups, even in medley. With twenty swimmers and four events each there are over a billion combinations! Now it takes about two seconds!

CRAZY RELAYS: This function also makes swimming faster fun! It puts swimmers in random events. With each click of the “GO” button the computer changes those events and the people who swim them. So someone might go 350 backstroke and someone else 25 breaststroke scull. The total of the two relays will be very very close, as close as mathematically possible so everyone’s swim matters! In addition the running time is shown so each swimmer can be encouraged by his coach or team captain to keep the team where it needs to be to win at the end. VERY FUN AND VERY MOTIVATING!

Nobody in soccer does this. Isn’t it about time someone made swimming faster fun, not only for swimmers but also for the coach? Yeah baby!

COOL COACH 3.0 has over 100 functions including a workout generator that makes over one million workouts, infinitely customizable by the coach. Change back to breast kick and the interval changes for you! Change the goal time and the stress changes as well as the energy system etc. it’s fast as lightning, and cool as a penguin!

Order on-line at

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Newer Functions:

    Instant Relays. A real time saver. Did you know there are over a billion permutations in deciding medley relays for just 20 swimmers? Cool Digital Relays does it perfectly for you in seconds!

     Crazy Relays. Random workout relays to make workouts fun. Mathematically calculated to be close, but random so one swimmer may get a 300 backstroke and race someone going a 25 fly followed by someone with a 150 scull! The relays are close and each swimmer is given a goal time so everyone cheers and everyone goes all out to help the team time! Really fun!

     And a BONUS! Cool Digital Swim Meet. This stand-alone program which is temporarily included with Cool Coach 3.0 for free, divides one or more teams into the closest swim meet and then scores two ways: for place and for time improvement! Cool Digital Swim Meet makes swimming faster fun because everyone’s efforts matter. This is a really fun way to help swimmers push past pain.

•Plus many internet and other new functions built into Excel for Windows and Macs which make Cool Coach 3.0 an even better program for coaches. Even import our 4,000 Cool Digital Swim movies right into workouts or track sheets!

When we wrote Cool Coach we had already been working on dozens of tangible tools we used to make these numbers say what we wanted -- that our swimmers were improving faster than every before and, eventually, faster than anyone in the world.

The result is our present offering -- software, hardware, movies, and workshops with  personal coaching to support coaches and swimmers in reaching their dreams.

All we need to help you is your goals to build the best possible environment for success. From rorating swim benches, to Speedboxes, Kickers, specialized paddles, personal HD filming systems, and personal lifetime support from a real and passionate swim coach, we are ready and able to serve you as not other “swim” shop” can hope to do.

Ideas You Can Apply This Week:

  1. 1.• Goal Card (Change it to suit you, print, and copy). Let your swimmers “hire” you!

  2. 2.• Stroke Report Card -- It’s nice to speak the same language as our athletes. Send them home to study their Cool Digital Video C/D’s and you’ve got a winning combination!

  3. 3.• LIFE Calendar assists in planning more than swimming for coaches and athletes.

  4. 4.• Team and coach budget function. Organize by values instead of by what they did last year and what parent’s groups and schools perceive their limitations to be. Put first things First!

  5. 5.• Lesson Plans -- Plan to succeed quickly and easily.

  6. 6.• NEW in 3.0! Weight sheets that calculate % from 1 rep maximum

  7. 7.• 345 Page Manual sells by itself as a leadership book! Tons of screen shots.

  8. 8.• Perfect on Windows and Macs and between windows and Macs. The Only truly SDIF swim program.

  9. 9.• Exchange workouts and season plans with other coaches and swimmers and the workouts adjust for them!

  10. 10.•Y2K Compliant. Remember we work with Microsoft’s premiere program. They are great assistant coaches!

  11. 11.• Two minute learning curve but never outgrow Cool Coach.

  12. 12.• On-line help, FAQ, personal contact with the authors, forums

  13. 13.• Even hire the staff for personalized leadership seminars for coaches and swimmers.

  14. 14.• Customize everything, personalize everything. It’s your team so Cool Coach is your program.

  15. 15.• Creative workout set functions help you be creative and make swimming faster fun, while retaining some accountability.

  16. 16.• Add notes, do spell checks, draw circles and arrows, add graphics, sound, movies. Save and post as HTML.

  17. 17.• Includes Calendars, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, lifelong!

  18. 18.• Chart anything in dozens of ways. Charting is simple and completely customizeable.

  19. 19.• Print in beautiful color or clack and white.

  20. 20.• Creative? Make your own functions, copy and paste some of ours. Connect with us and others on our site.

  21. 21.• This program was built to make swimming faster fun

  22. 22.• This program was built to make keep the coach coaching and not computing or worrying

  23. 23.• This program was built by coaches just like you to make your lives easier and your coaching more effective.