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We sell all sorts of isokinetics -- the best way to gain power in competitive swimming.
Click HERE for many of our other products in collaboration with Minigym. Minigym_Isokinetics.htmlhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/8325908/London-2012-Olympics-Swimming-schedule.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
Not a “Trainer” - It’s a specialized swim bench for all 4 strokes
45 degree rotation for free and back the way it’s supposed to be swum.
Wide bar option for breast and fly and whip kick they way they need to be improved and performedSwim_Benches_files/EyeSwim%20Free%20Paceclock.jpg
Use Your own bench, the floor or bend over. Only $789 includes handles. Call 800.999.0824 Pacific Time or order with credit card 24-7EyeSwim_Video.html

Just $1282 for the bench and iso; 782 to mount on the wall and use your own bench. Add rotation for $275. Add a wide bar with pulleys for $249. Perform over 200 exercises (free DVD by Coach Steve Friederang included with purchase).  Get yours now -- call 800.999.0824 or order with Paypal or CC.

SPECIFICITY: “We used these on all our teams as far back as the ’70’s. These are more advanced and every team should have them.” Bob Steele, former coach education director, USA Swimming, author, and NCAA Champion coach. 

So versatile. We have foot straps for whip kick, our own acrylic mirrors so swimmers can work exactly that weakness or strength in their strokes.  The rotation is best for muscle memory and the wide bar and to eliminate shoulder impingement and the wide bar is bar is best if you swim more than freestyle.  Far better than tubing which can’t adapt to the strengths or power requirements of a stroke, isokinetics is the perfect exercise!

See our full line of isokinetic equipment from wall units to Leapers. http://www.eyeswim.com/
Rotating add-on includes adjustable foot hold. Get an acrylic mirror for $89 too. Now you’ve got it all!EyeSwim_Video.html

Wide bar and mirror options. We have ten different bars and paddles and ankle straps etc. Grow as your need for speed does!

Construction Movie. Simple and detailed. Scroll if you need. Call for forever support from a real swim coach too.

Rotation is essential!

Comes with our DVD

Rotating Backstroke


Want a whole circuit?


Add a Halo

Our company has almost unlimited potential to give you custom solutions. On the left we added a high bar and an additional Minigym for former Navy Seal John Bell. On the right is a double iso for both breaststroke pull and kick in perfect swimming rhythm and alternate power and endurance development. We also use metronomes and Tempo Trainers. Have an idea? We love ideas!

Rotation compared to Vasa

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