More important than how big your hands are or how many hours you are immersed in water is how effective your mind is at conquering the challenges in the way of reaching your best performance. Swimming starts with the mind and mental training is a skill that can be learned by coaches and athletes. If you have time to attend a clinic by Dr. G, by all means attend. But, even if you have attended, excellence takes review and practice. Perfect Practice. Deep practice. This is the only tool of its kind and it was edited by Steve Friederang. a swim coach with forty years of experience at all levels of our great sport.

Swimming Out Of Your Mind

Passion beats talent every time.


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Above average performers have above average mental skills. Dr. Goldberg is an expert at teaching those skills and he has done workshops for decades which have resulted in enhanced performance due to enhanced mental strategies used in training and performing when it matters most. His focus on competitive swimming is a blessing to our sport and now it can positively impact you any time you want in the comfort of your home or in a team setting.