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Now you do.

With your new Snorkel Mirror™

The Snorkel Mirror:

I hated watching people lose that great snorkel head position when they were concerned about jamming their fingers into the feet or face of swimmer in training lanes.

Maintain Perfect Head Position -- Now you can see in front of you without changing your head position in training, turns, and finishes.

Bend the Snorkel Mirror just right -- It will teach you to hold your head in precise alignment with your hips.  You’ll naturally adjust to see the front wall every day every stroke. You can make adjustments when you first install your Snorkel Mirror.

Easy to install (see movie at right): just soap up your snorkel, or use baby oil, slip in on and adjust to your perfect angle. Now you see forward only when in perfect aligned position! Use our velcro mounted acrylic mirrors -- different sizes will be available  -the one you get has been tested and loved.

Even use it with our free Underwater Pace Clock and your EyeSwim Video Mount so you never get out of alignment until the training set is over.


Snorkel Mirror Kit available for TYR, Finis, DMC and A3 Snorkels

Snorkel Mirror for front mounted snorkels

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