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Bent Taper Paddles For championship season and for young sprinters

Aluminum is a great medium for paddles because the swimmer can feel the flex (catch) and snap of the stroke follow-through). This paddle was designed to annoy the swimmer who drops the elbows by poking their forearm unless the elbow is higher than the fingers. It works! But it doesn’t allow a lot of sculling in this configuration so we made it reversible to build strengths in the lateral motions of breaststroke and fly pull. You can even reverse hands to give you more or less resistance on the catch phase of your stroke.  It’s a very unique, specialized, and versatile paddle.

“I was a good NCAA backstroker and have coached backstroke for decades. I have a swimmer who simply would not rotate correctly in his backstroke no matter what drill I had him do or video I had him watch. Almost as a last resort I tried the Backstroke Paddles Steve Friederang invented. It was a miracle! My swimmer and now my other swimmers immediately “found” the right rotation and pitch. It even helped their body position!” Mike Venziano. Head Men’s and Women’s coach, Hibbings High School, perennial state champions.

“My wife and I teach lessons to many of the fastest swimmers in our state.  We have our swimmers buy their own set of FAST Paddles. It is the single most effective tool to force the proper catch and complete body involvement in the stroke” . Ross Gerry, Former Associate Head Coach of Stanford University Swim Team and his wife, Olympic Gold Medalist Katrina Radke. The couple coach swim camps in Minnesota and author technical DVD’s and motivational books. Coach Gerry has coached 6 NCAA Division 1 National Championship teams and 16 Olympians to a dozen Olympic gold medals and several world records. Katrina has authored “Being the Best Without the Stress; It’s not About the Medal.”

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