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Pinnacle Pulley System

Designed by Olympic Coach Randy Reese

Better Pulley at a lower price!: The most specific resistance training for swimming is done IN THE WATER. Use the Pinnacle System from two feet to fifty meters!

Benefits: Smoother, more portable, less expensive, Lifetime warranty.

• Very portable. You can even take it apart and store it in a closet!

• Very smooth -- marine grade pulleys

• Very progressive -- add weights or add water -- buckets are marked so progress is planned and measured.

• Very cool -- get yours in your team colors



Long Course $3299

Short Course $3100

The Dual!

Long Course $2299

Short Course $2100


for Power Towers™

Long Course (50 meter) Conversion $1225

Short Course $789

Add-on for instant resistance•

For rust proof sprint power from right the push-off

The Pinnacle System: Notice how smooth the pulleys are even at 50 meters! This is a common workout at Reese led teams -- Two swimmers on towers and two off as the lines come back on their own, ready for the next swimmer.