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Fits in your bag; Come with software to track and build successful fun practices. Comes with Stroke drills and pace and percentage charts. You can even write on it while wet.  Get yours today!


Personal Poolside Training Tracker


Why Use a LaneMind?

1. LaneMind comes with zip lock pages for your flip chart to place your practices, inspirational quotes, tracking charts, etc.
2. LaneMind includes a pen to write on the acrylic whiteboard.
3. LaneMind sits up on the deck so it’s easy to see your sets, percentages, tracking, etc, last split, etc.
4. Comes with the lite version of Cool Coach, the most advanced coaching software in the world.
5. Comes with technical support by coaches, not swim suit companies.
6. Unlimited potential to grow as you grow as an athlete or to improve your interaction with your coach.

Works perfectly with EyeSwim so you can track performance and film yourself at any time, with or without a coach. Call us if you’d like an EyeSwim. How about a personal waterproof pace clock under your lane or on top? Order that right HERE

Designed by the authors of Cool Coaching and the One and Only Cool Workbook For Advanced Swimmers and over 3,000 stroke movies. See them all at Tropical Also can be used in conjunction with Finis’ Swimsense, Tempo Trainer, and Aquapulse personal training products. You can also order those from us at a discount. Call any time at 800.999.0824. International number is 951.898.0007.