The Family Minigym: Improve you swim strength, power, endurance, and range of motion between practices. The whole family can use it too! Just $349.

Designed to be used by the team or at home.

Designed to be used on wall brackets or on the floor.

Used in Space to keep muscle on the astronauts

Used by the best athletes on the planet for over half a century

Yet as modern as you cell phone and makes you look better than your FitBit.

It’s simple.

You set the speed and your pulling or pushing or leaping or whatever motion you make determines the resistance. It’s called Isokinetics and it’s just like swimming faster. Every motion adapts to you.

So for example:

  1. 1.Work on the Catch and Early Vertical Forearm

  2. 2.Work on wrist strength with curls and extensions

  3. 3.Work on bicep strength by doing curls

  4. 4.Work on triceps by doing push backs or above head trip pushes.

  5. 5.Bend over and pull between your legs with bent or straight arms.

  6. 6.Do reverse arm wrestles to balance your shoulder joint to prevent shoulder problem s caused by swimming.

  7. 7.Putt your Family Minigym on the floor and do cleans and jerks.

  8. 8.Do squats

  9. 9.Sit on a bench and do leg curls.

  10. 10. Sit with your back to the Family Minigym to do leg extensions.

  11. 11. Stand and put on an ankle cuff to do hip extensions for a better kick

  12. 12. Turn around  and work on hip flexions

  13. 13. Use two FG’s to do chest flys and on a bench to simulate swimming.

  14. 14. Put together a whole isokinetic circuit

  15. 15. Hold on and twist the body for core work.

Polo players can work on throwing. Everyone can  Or do sit-ups or hyperextensions against resistance.

What can’t you do? We;ll for one thing it’s really hard to get hurt since, unlike weights and rubber tubing the Family Minigym doesn’t snap back or crash. Every centimeter of motion is adapted from by design. There is no better way to develop power, speed and endurance in specific swimming motions than with isokinetics. Our SwimFast Swim Bench is awesome, of course. But the Family Minigym costs just $349 and is very portable at only ten pounds.


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Specific Stroke Solutions

Stop repeating yourself. Let THEM video with THEIR EyeSwim. Let them buy and do their own Swim SPECIFIC Dryland Circuit at home. Let them study strokes and mental toughness between practices. In the pool, do velocity based training -- not random distance and speeds. We empower you with pace charts to pace lights and software. We sell isokinetics and pulley systems that adapt to each individual’s needs. We give you control of stroke, body line, and balance. Examples are the Rangs Kit, Snorkel Mirrors, and Proprio Kit. Our paddles are custom by stroke.

Core Training Products

Pool Equipment

Just Released!

  1. Vertical Kicker

  2. MiniBoards

  3. RANGS Kit

  4. BattleBoards

1. Snorkel Mirrors force perfect head alignment, 2. Goggle Mirrors look down to see forward 3. EyeCart Rolls to video top down, underwater, side, front, and back with HD camera or ipad 4. EyeCoach rolling HD video fits in your bag 5. EyeSwim -- empower swimmers 6. Bottoms Up, 7. FAST Paddles bent SPRINT Paddles (five stroke-perfecting sizes), 8. Thornton Paddles Hand Paddles balance shoulder force 9. Thornton Arm Paddles, 10. RANGS Kit -- the far smarter pull buoy now a full system 11. KickMinder for perfect whip kick every kick 12. CoreKicks stop bent knee kicking and build core 13. Fin Wings: progression for your fins 14. Fankle: the ONLY way to build strong flexible ankles 15. Fankle Mini: use it anywhere 16. Hankle: a Fankle for breaststrokers 17. BackStroke Paddles, 18. Breaststroke Яeversible Paddles, 19. BackStart stops start slips 20. The Sweeper for lateral power 21. The The Kicker: build both sides of dolphin and flutter on land 22. otating Swim Bench with accommodating resistance 23. Lane Mind, 24. Custom Swim Teaching Platforms, 25. Perfect Shot (polo), 26. Team Ankle Stretcher (four at a time) 27. Acrylic Underwater Custom Mirrors any size; even the whole lane! 28. Rods build underwater streamline 29. Tubes for controlled breathing with longer strokes 30. Start Hoops teach perfect starts 31. Snorkel Mirrors for Finis, Tyr, Ylon, etc. 32. Cool Coach Training Software: over 100 interactive functions make coaching simpler, smarter, and easier to communicate 33. Cool Swimmer, 34. Twenty-two Cool Digital Stroke, stretching, land, game, and motivational videos. 35. The Vertical Kicker 36. The Pits: making dropped elbows in practice impossible 37: 2015 Workbook for Advanced Swimmers. 38. Cool Digital Swim Meet: a balanced fun meet in seconds calculates points for place and time! Every swim matters, 39. One Hand Kick Boards empower side kicking and fit in your bag. 40. Regular RANGS the pull buoy that encourages body rotation and that doesn’t fall off on turns.


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1. Finis Snorkels, 4 types plus dry top and cardio caps 2. Finis Fins: Seven Kinds including mono-fins plus socks 3. Finis TechToc: feedback for body rotation 4. Finis HydroHip: Force your hips to rotate 5. Finis Paddles Six kinds 7. Finis Alignment Kickboard 8. Finis Foam Pull Buoy 9. Finis Standard Kickboard 10. Finis Dryland Cord: It simply works 11. Finis ROM Strap: Simplifies stretching 12. Finis Swim Parachutes 13. Finis Drag Suits 14. Finis Technique Training Belt 16. Finis Swimwear normal and custom 17. Finis Neptune MP3 18. Finis Swimsense: Calculates distance per stroke, etc. 19. Finis Tempo Trainer 20. Finis Hydro Tracker for open water swimmers 21. Finis Stopwatches 22. Finis Aquapulse -- “talks” your pusle into your ear as you swim 23. Finis Goggles: nineteen kinds 24. Finis Swim Mirror 25. Finis Turnmaster Pro: four sizes 26. Finis Swim Teaching Platforms 27. Finis Floating Island 28. Finis Waterpolo Balls and Caps 29. Finis swim caps pre-made and custom 30. Finis products for swim lessons 32. Minigym Leaper: For starts, turns and breaststroke 33. Minigym 101 and 190 wall mounted iso and dozens of straps and bars 34. Minigym swim bench used by Spitz through Phelps 35. Minigym wall-mounted swim bench (without the bench -- use your own) 36. Myrtha Pace Lights: pace every stroke, rate, etc. six colors for six swimmers in one lane! 37: DMC Fins 38. Stroops covered safety training rubber tubing 39. Fun safe Inner Tubes for pool polo 40. Lifeproof Cases 41. SwimOvate swim computer 42. Bright LCD waterproof Pace clocks 43. Blucore Corsuit. If it makes people swim faster we can help you get it and use it to make swimming faster fun.


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