Gain A foot per stroke!

Force your elbows to stay on top so you begin moving forward right away.


Not a lifesaving device -- in fact we hate floaties when used instead of good swim lessons. But for advanced swimmers or age groupers under a coach’s instruction or for triathletes, etc. these Arm Buoys teach shoulder rotation over lat pulls and can get you as much as a foot per arm stroke! For most people that’s over four feet per lap!

Example of coaching in actual use in a very habitual elbow dropper

Don’t you just hate slipping when practicing backstroke starts without a touchpad? Starts with your toes below the surface on a slick tile wall is unnatural . Most swimmers simply don’t practice properly or frequently enough.

That’s why we invented the BackStart™. The Back Start is a lot cheaper and far easier than using touchpads. Slip it in or remove the BackStart in a couple seconds. Easy to store and light to transport too. We’re proud of this solution that will make backstroke starts better for swimmers at all levels, from beginner to Olympian.

FAST Arm Buoys

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