Benefits and Advantages

  1. 1.Portable -- fits in your bag.

  2. 2.Easy: ready to video you underwater in seconds.

  3. 3.See your stroke as often as you rest or later on a big screen.

  4. 4.Instant sharing with coaches and friends online orin person.

  5. 5.Compare to yesterday, last week, or the best of the best.

  6. 6.Designed and supported by an expert swim coach.

“There should be one of these in every training lane in competitive practice and every self-coached swimmer and triathlete should use this every day.” Coach Steve Friederang

You can also use the free app on you Life-proofed iPad for a free PaceClock you can see under-water.  It’s free. Many other apps too. Get your EyeSwim and improve twice as fast.